4 must-do steps before grading on Avatar

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If you select LEB2 for designing OBEM course and assessment each module of it, you must do these 4 steps on LEB2 before start OBEM grading on Avatar (For OBEM Buffer Class, you must assess the module on LEB2 only).  

  1. Create an individual assessment activity and align it with  ulo__.png Ultimate Learning Outcome


  2. Define criteria of the assessment activity that is aligned with the Ultimate Learning Outcome on Plan feature. As opening the description of assessment activity page, you will see the Ultimate Learning Outcome with defined rubric that shows in the criteria section. If you want to create more criteria, simply click 'New' to add. Moreover, you can mark at 'Calculate Score' if you want to transfer the score to Avatar. On the other hand, unmark if you only need the level gets transferred without score.  


  3. Define the assessment weighting if you need the score gets transferred to Avatar. You can create as many as assessment activities as you like but they are all must be aligned with the Ultimate Learning Outcome and defined their weighting. 

  4. Assess the assessment activity 


All assessment results on LEB2 (of every assessment activities that are aligned and assessed with the Ultimate Learning Outcome) will be transferred to Avatar system automatically every 20 minutes

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