What is Dashboard and how does it work?

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The dashboard is shown the whole picture of Learning Outcome which is aligned with Assessment Activity for the entire semester. The information can be seen as Overall Learning Outcome and Individual Learning Outcome. 
  1. Go to Dashboard 
  2. Select Overall Learning Outcome or Individual Learning Outcome to see the detail
The graph that is displayed on the Dashboard has 2 types of graphs. It can be explained as follows:
Graph 1 is the bar graph.
Figure 1 illustrates the competency of the students in the whole class by each Learning Outcome. The Learning Outcome is divided into 5 levels. If you point at each level which is appeared as a color, you will see the number of students who are at that level (It also shows how the per cent of the number of students at each level from the total number). This graph can tell the teachers how many students are at expected level and how many students need a support.
Figure 2 illustrates an individual's competency for an outcome categorized into 5 levels as the graph shown in the whole class. Additionally, the individual graph will be portrayed as the students' competency at a level they can reach. 


Figure 1. Overall Learning Outcomes


Figure 2. Individual Learning Outcomes


Graph 2  is the line graph.
Figure 3 illustrates an Assessment Activity in which the students meet the most expected level of the outcomes. Teachers can see either overall outcomes or individual outcomes as required. Additionally, the teachers can filter to see each outcome as shown below.


 Figure 3. Learning Outcomes for activities in Learning Outcome
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