How to create and manage OBEM classroom on LEB2

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How to create OBEM classroom on LEB2?

Firstly, the teaching team has to design each module of the course and define the learning outcome for each. After it has been considered and approved by the Educational Development and Services Office (EDS), it will be imported to NewACIS system. The reaching team will able able to access the OBEM classroom on LEB2 by importing it to the system and the classroom will be tagged "OBEM".



The overall flow chart for managing OBEM classroom

The recent policy on academics of King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) has been launched. Every course is encouraged to convert to OBEM classroom to support the student's learning. Here is the overall flow chart for managing the OBEM classroom stated below;  

  1. The teaching team contact EDS to design each module of the course and define the learning outcome for each.
  2. The student enrolls in courses through NewACIS
  3. The student will be able to learn in the OBEM classroom on LEB2 or other learning platforms which are provided by their teacher. If LEB2 is used, the teacher can easily Import Class.
  4. The teacher can grade each module and each course through the Avatar system. The student can check their OBEM grade via Mod Link. For assessment on LEB2, the information will be sent automatically to the Avatar system.

    For more information about the Avatar system or Mod Link Application, contact the Computer  Center cckmutt 0-2470-9444 or press 111

  5. After the semester ends, the student who doesn't pass the OBEM classroom will be moved to "Buffer Class" for waiting for the new examination schedule of the OBEM classroom that they don't pass yet. And their grade will be shown I (In progress) on NewACIS temporarily. 



Learning Outcome assessment from LEB2 to Avatar

For Assessment Activity and Online Quiz on LEB2, the teacher can send the assessment result of Ultimate Learning Outcome to Avatar automatically. The Assessment Activity and Online Quiz must be aligned with Ultimate Learning Outcome and assessed via LEB2.

  4 Steps for OBEM management and measurement in the LEB2 system by ETS KMUTT

Any inquires on OBEM and Avatar systems, contact this channel >> Microsoft Teams

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