List of assessment activity

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After you created an assessment activity on the feature Plan. List of assessment activity will show on feature Assessment Activity.

Who can see the list of assessments activity?

  • All members of the teaching team 

List of assessment activity

  1. Title - The topic of assessment activity.
  2. Due date - The time frame that you set when you created activity.
  3. Group/ Individual - Specify activity whether it is a group or individual work.
  4. Not submitted - A number of students that not submitted.
  5. Assessment activity/ Quiz - The type of activity.
  6. Review Pending - A number of students that waiting to be assessed.
  7. Assess button - Click this button to go on the assessed page.
  8. Manage reviewer button - This button will be shown when you haven't set the assessor.
  9. Star icon - This icon shows that activity is important. You can set it when you create activity.




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