How to import/export the score data

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You can easily announce the score on LEB2. If you assess their work on LEB2, your student can see the score in feature Scorebook directly. If you don't assess their work on LEB2 but by manual, you can easily import your score back in the system as well.

Who can import/export the score on LEB2?

By default, the following roles can import the score:

  • Teaching team

Import Score

  1. Go to "Score book"
  2. Click "..."
  3. Select "Download score template
  4. Go to a template file that you have downloaded
  5. Fill out the score according to a list of students
  6. Back to "Assessment activity"
  7. Click "..."
  8. Select "Import score"
  9. Choose to file that is a LEB2 template

Note If there is individual work, you have to fill out the score for all students. If there is a group work, you just fill out the score for one of the members in the group.

Export Score

  1. Go to "Score book"
  2. Click "Export"




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