How to Assess the Assignment

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When students submit their work in LEB2 system, it's your turn to assess and give the best score! Assess their work in our system is easy and convenient, just follow the steps below.

Who can assess the assignment?

By default, the role of owner, teacher, and teaching assistant can assess the assignment individually!

How to assess the assessment activity :

There are simple steps for assessment as below:

  1. Go to the activity on the Assessment Activity feature
  2. Click Assess to start an assessment


  3. Then, click the green button on your right side


  4. All of the criteria will be shown up for you to assess, and you have to complete each criterion. You can evaluate the assignment by selecting the level/criterion that has been established, or filling the score in the score box (In the case of calculate score is selected and need to give the score between the criteria). If the evaluation is incomplete, the system will indicate that the review is pending.


  5. Click the green button once again to complete this assessment
  6. Click icon 2020-05-14_1544.png to review the date and time that the students submit the assignment also download as a file

Note: If there is any file except those that are referred above, you need to download first then assess. Also, if students write something to you through the description box, it will be generated as a PDF file and sent to you as one of the submission files. Check how many attached files are here:


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