Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment

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Measuring the performance of students is a way of telling whether the students understand and can demonstrate their abilities clearly. To ensure that students can actually perform, two methods of measurement are used: Formative assessment and Summative assessment.

Formative assessment or Assessment for learning is a way of measuring to develop the learning process of students, to know how well they understand, and to observe their learning behavior through various activities such as practice tests, classroom discussions, and small group discussions. The performance of students is usually judged based on the "frequency" of their abilities, without using grades or scores as a criterion.

Summative assessment or Assessment of learning is a way of measuring to show the final achievement of the students through learning units, by telling whether they pass or fail, and at what level. The measurement tool is often a test, and scores or grades are used as a criterion to determine the performance of the students.

Comparison of Formative Assessment vs. Summative Assessment

  Formative Assessment Summative Assessment
Purpose Checking students' understanding Measuring whether they pass or fail
When? During learning After learning
How often? Continuously and throughout the time End of class, middle and end of semester

Reference: U10 เปรียบเทียบการประเมินผลการเรียนแบบ Formative vs Summative

How to design activities for Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment using features on LEB2 ?

You can use various features such as Survey, Discussion, Assessment Activity, and Quiz to create formative assessments, for example, creating a preliminary quiz or survey to measure students' understanding, and creating summative assessments by writing summaries and sending them through Assessment.

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