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Buffer Class Grading 

OBEM Buffer Class and Buffer Class grading

Once you're ready to assess the students' learning outcome in the Buffer Class, you're suggested to assess it via LEB2.  There is "Ultimate Assessment Activity" created in the class for the teacher to use it.  The activity has criteria which is determined according to the ultimate learning outcome's rubric (It's default only the level of the ultimate learning outcome. You can just assess by the level and the score isn't required. However, if you need to fill in the score, you can manage it by setting as well.  

How to assess Ultimate Assessment Activity 

  1. Click the Ultimate Assessment Activity 

  2. Recheck the accuracy of each level of the criteria. If edition is required, you can do it on Plan. To do so, click 'Setting' icon after the ultimate learning outcome. Then, edit it. After that, click 'Assess' to get back to the assessment page. 

  3. Assess individually by clicking the 0/0 green button. The criteria will be shown right after you clicked it. Select a level of the ultimate learning outcome. Once you have completed it, click next icon to assess the next person. 
    **All assessment results on LEB2 (of every assessment activities that are aligned and assessed with the Ultimate Learning Outcome) will be delivered to Avatar system automatically at 01:00 AM and 12:00 PM everyday.


The teacher can do the assessment of OBEM Buffer Class by identify grading in the RESULT section (select either a suggested grade or modify it yourself) then click "PUBLISH" once you have completed it. After saving it, the result whether S or U will be shown on ModLink.

After that, the teacher needs to do the assessment of Buffer Class respectively. If you can't find it (see the picture below), kindly contact  OBEM Support for Teacher immediately. Once you select the course already, identify grading in the GRADE section then save. Click "Submit to NewAcis" and confirm your action. The grading result will be shown to NewAcis.


Any inquires on OBEM and Avatar systems, contact this channel >> Microsoft Teams

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