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Using Live for education, students will be able to watch the teachers in their field as they solve problems in real-time. This is more conducive for learning as studies show, we learn more when we are able to visualize. So this is a new feature on LEB2 that will help you to teach to be more effective.

Who can use LEB2Live?

By default, the following role can use LEB2Live: 

  • Owner and teacher 

How to create Live room

1. Click Create LIVE Room

2. Log in office365 with email - Don't forget to activate your account before login 

3. Click LIVE Now when you want to LIVE

4. Click Open Microsoft teams If you have Microsoft Teams, you can use on the application immediately

5. Click Download apps for windows or Join on the web If you don't have Microsoft Teams, you can download or join on the web this here

6. Click Join Now

Note The first time you have to click Allow to use a microphone and camera. Anyway, For your effective and efficient Live, downloading, installing, and log in the Microsoft Teams application on your computer is a must!


How to use Microsoft Teams:

1. Click  electronics.png to open or close your camera

2. Click vintage.png to open or mute your microphone

3. Click multimedia-option.png to share your display. There are 3 ways to share which are Desktop, Window, and Browse PowerPoint to be effective more than open PowerPoint on program

4. Click Stop presenting to stop sharing 

5. Click More actions 

  • Click Show device settings to set sound or camera
  • Click Show meeting notes to capture meeting objectives, meeting notes or action items
  • Click Start video with blur when you want to blur background
  • Click Start recording to record the video or Stop recording to stop the video. All members can record video
  • Click Turn off incoming video is to hide student's display to reduce using on the internet

6. Click interface.png to type a message to the student

7. Click  1590054228353.jpg to show the number of all members 

8. Click  technology.png to leave Live

Note If you have to show a slide on PowerPoint only, you should Browse PowerPoint on this program to be more effective than share by the window. Anyway, If you want to write or highlight, you should share by the window

Note You should be the one who controls start recording or stop recording  button only


How to share and download video on Microsoft Teams:

1. Click Chat

2. Select Class 

3. Find the video 

4. Click ...

5. Select Share > Copy link People who have this link can see this video only

6. Select Open in Microsoft stream

7. Click ...

8. Select Download video









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