Enrollment Status on LEB2

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Currently, teachers and students are able to track enrollment status on LEB2 via Member feature. The status identifies students' registration whether it is complete or not so that they know what they should do next if it's not completed yet. 

How to check enrollment status

When students login to LEB2, they will encounter a notification sign on the Class list page indicating the registration status.

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If encountering the aforementioned notification sign, students can check which courses are not unsuccessfully registered. Students can click the 'Check Course' button to view the list. After that, they can click the 'Contact Registrar's Office' button, which will lead them to directly contact the registrar's office through the Facebook inbox channel to request further assistance.

And through Member feature, if the courses are unsuccessfully registered, the status in the classroom will appear as 'Not enrolled' 


The meaning of the enrollment status LEB2

  • If students have completed their registration through NewACIS, their status on LEB2 is shown  Enrolled
  • If students have not completed their registration through NewACIS, their status on LEB2 is shown Not enrolled

Teachers are still able to add member to the class but their status will appear  Not enrolled until they have completed the registration process. 

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