Why can't I see any videos on Learn It?

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Q: Why can't I see any videos on Learn It?

A:  Maybe it's because of Extinctions on Google Chrome. It's possibly that some applications that are installed on your laptop blocking accessing the feature. To solve this issue, just follow these steps below;

  1. Go to Extensions icon next to URL bar
  2. Click Manage extensions
  3. A new window will appear and show all applications you have installed on your computer/laptop. Disable or enable some applications and login to LEB2 again. This solution cannot suggest to you the exact application that should be disabled or enabled. All you can do is assuming which one. After that, refresh the window that you are using the features by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R on your keyboard to reload and clear cache in the window to see if they will respond or not



Or if you access on LEB2 from outside the university or another country, we recommend you to set VPN. After that, try to log in to LEB2 again and check the videos on Learn It. If you have already done all the steps mentioned above but still cannot watch the videos through Learn It, contact LEB2 for a further investigation. 

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