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Apart from getting physical and mental health ready for the new semester, the devices which used for supporting online learning platform are a must as well. Since online learning becomes one of the main channels for education nowadays, an uncontrollable factor cannot be avoided. The hot issue found on LEB2 has been gathered in this article and provided its solution so that the students don't need to be worried anymore!  

The students have enrolled courses during late registration period, why can't they still see classes? 

Generally, students will be auto-updated into a class on LEB2 after a day they have already enrolled in the classroom through New-Acis. Their names will be automatically added to the classroom on LEB2. However, if they log in to LEB2 right away after enrollment, they won't be able to see the classroom. If it has been a while but the classes still not show up, contact LEB2 team immediately for checking. 

The students have changed section/withdrawn courses, why do they still have those classes on their class list?  

Basically, LEB2 will remove your name automatically an hour after you have withdrawn from NewACIS. Before your name will be removed, it will check whether

  • You have no submission history in the class
  • You have no submission history of quiz in the class
  • You have no submission history of a survey in the class
  • You have no attendance record
  • You have not been assessed by the teaching team
  • You have not been added by your teaching team

If you are found in one of these above list, you will not be automatically removed from the class on LEB2. This is to prevent any consequence issues which could have occurred in the class. Students can contact LEB2 support team to check further and remove them. 

Why can't the students see videos through Learn It?

Have you ever been in trouble watching videos on Learn It? In case you cannot access any videos as appear it the picture below, here are 5 suggestions to initially check it by yourself. 


  • Suggestion 1: Clear cache; see how to clear cache on every device though the article Clear browser's cache to get the latest version of the system
  • Suggestion 2: Access to LEB2 via the Incognito mode; press Crtl+Shift+N on your keyboard and then log in to LEB2 to see videos on Learn It. 
  • Suggestion 3: Manage Extensions on Google Chrome; some applications which the students install them on their laptop could block some features on LEB2. To check and fix this issue, go to the top-right on Google Chrome's sidebar. Click at three dot icon and select Manage extensions.
  • Suggestion 4: Change a device; this issue may not affect to some devices so we recommend you to try accessing Learn It on every device you have.
  • Suggestion 5: Temporary change the network; this cause can be found in some period of time where some network affects accessing to Learn It database website. That's why we recommend the students to temporarily change the network or set up KMUTT VPN (read the setting handbook) and see if they can still see the videos. 

If you have followed these suggestions but still cannot see the videos, contact LEB2 team immediately for a further checking. 

Why can't the students access files, documents, and videos that their teacher upload on Microsoft Teams?

Attending an online class on LEB2 can be done by clicking "Watch Live" button. The students are advised to sign in to Microsoft Teams with @kmutt e-mail before joining the online meeting so that they won't miss anything in the room.

Read a related article: How to Join LEB2 Live 

If you have trouble with using LEB2, contact LEB2 team and provide these information for a quick checking:

  • Student ID
  • Class-section 
  • Activity name
  • The issue found
  • Other useful information

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