Why are some features on LEB2 not responding?

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Q: Why are some features on LEB2 not responding?

A: Sometimes an error can be found during setting some activity through LEB2 features. The frequent issues found are Assessment Activity is not responding and the Attendance setting cannot be created. The main cause could be the browser. We recommend you to access LEB2 through Google Chrome since it is the best and smoothest browser. However, if you access LEB2 through Google Chrome but still found the issues, we suggest you 2 best solutions below;

  • Solution 1:  Access LEB2 through Incognito mode or so-called private mode. Go to 3 dots at the top-right on Google Chrome's sidebar. Select New Incognito Window and then log in to LEB2 through this window and see if you can manage features settings.


  •  Solution 2: Manage extensions on Google Chrome. There is a possibility that some installed applications on your computer/laptop are blocking the features on LEB2. Check and fix this issue by going to the top-right on Google Chrome's sidebar. Select the icon that is shown in the picture below and select Manage extensions


    A new window will appear and show all applications you have installed on your computer/laptop. Disable or enable some applications and login to LEB2 again. This solution cannot suggest to you the exact application that should be disabled or enabled. All you can do is assuming which one. After that, refresh the window that you are using the features by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R on your keyboard to reload and clear cache in the window to see if they will respond or not.


 If you have already followed the solutions suggested above, but the features are still not responding. Contact LEB2 team for support for a further checking.

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