Can I Attach A Different Examination File to The Students Individually?

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Q: Can I attach a different examination file to the students individually?

A:  Yes, you can. After you have created an Assessment Activity, click "Assess" to attach files or exams for students to each student individually through the comment icon. Due to LEB2 cannot set the assessment activity for some students.




Teachers are recommended to specify the details via the activity's description as below;

**Students must access through a desktop version only‼

  1. Click "Assess Yourself / View Feedback" and then select Assess Yourself tab. After that, download an attached pdf file.
  2. After completing the examination, upload the file back on LEB2. Go to "Assessment Activity" and click  "Submit". Attach the file and then click submit again on the submission form window.

💬 If you have a trouble uploading the file, click the icon "Chat" and attach the file, inform the student ID, class section, and the activity's name to LEB2 staff to assist you. The staff will upload the file for you according to the date and time you have sent the file through the chat box.

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