What Is The Buffer Class?

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Buffer Class is the classroom on LEB2 created for the students who haven't passed OBEM in the last semester. The classroom is a learning space for those students to continue studying in the modules that they didn't pass until they are proficient and ready to take the test. The students aren't required to enroll in the buffer class. They will be automatically in the buffer class in the new semester.

Describe the example picture above; the OBEM class has its name as ABC10101 and starts operating for the first time in the 1/2021 semester. On LEB2 teacher view, the class can be imported as usual. The OBEM class contains only one ultimate learning outcome and at least one assessment activity must be created and aligned with the ultimate learning outcome.
Students can normally enroll in courses through NewACIS and their names will be updated to OBEM classrooms on LEB2 automatically (only those courses that have created OBEM classrooms). On LEB2 student view, the name tag will appear on the classroom to show which class is OBEM along with the "In Progress" status.

After the teacher has completed the assessment for activities aligned with the ultimate learning outcome, the result of proficiency level will be delivered to Avatar system automatically for grading administration.
Avatar is the grading system developed by the Computer Center of King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). It is for the KMUTT teacher to use for OBEM and Course grading administrations.  Students can track their assessment results of OBEM whether they "Pass (S)"  or "Not pass (U)" via Mod Link

For those who don't pass the module in the current semester, their names will be automatically updated to the OBEM buffer class in the next semester, no need to enroll it again. They have the right to be in the buffer class as long as they can finally pass the exam. Moreover, the students who enrolled OBEM courses in semester 1/2021 don't have to pay for the examination fee. However, they must pass within semester 1/2022 otherwise they will be charged later. 


Buffer Class will be created at Draft Class and update the student names' list in every the beginning of semester.  For the first creation of buffer class, there is only one ultimate LO and the list of students who didn't pass the OBEM in the previous semester. Teacher can design the OBEM course for them to be able to learn through provided learning resources to help them pass the assessment in the current semester. 

Student view for those who didn't pass the OBEM, they will automatically be in the buffer class as the start of a new semester.  From the example picture below, OBEM Class: ABC10101 of semester 2/2021 (the current semester) has the status tag In Progress and BUFFER . Students aren't require to enroll. For OBEM Class: ABC10101 of semester 1/2021 (the previous semester), still displays OBEM tag but the status will change from  In Progress to Expired.


At the end of semester, if there are some students don't pass both OBEM (if any) and buffer class (if any) in the current semester, their names will be added to a next buffer class of a new semester. 
Buffer Class will be created at Draft Class.  In case it has been created previously, there is an ultimate LO, the students list who didn't pass both OBEM and buffer class from the previous semester as well as a course plan which will be auto-cloned to the new buffer class in a new semester.  The teacher cab adjust their course plan as they wish to support the student's learning. 
Don't Forget to Schedule The Publish Date! of all cloned activities from the previous semester. Also, don't forget to publish class so that the students can see and access to the class. 

For the students who have received "Pass", their buffer class on LEB2 in the current semester will be changed its status from In Progress to Passed. This also applies to all buffer classes they have in the previous semester. The tag of OBEM Class will be changed its status from Expired to Passed altogether.
The students can see an overall assessment result via Dashboard feature on LEB2. If they access to the OBEM or buffer class of the previous semester, there is a congratulations message to show them and a link to the buffer class of the current semester.

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