How grading result displays to student 

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The grading result displays to student 

The visibility of status and grading result of OBEM on each system 

Avatar LEB2 ModLink NewACIS
Others (after the semester ends) Expired U Invisible
Not grading or not publishing In Progress In Progress Invisible
Between A - C Passed S Invisible
Others (during the semester) In Progress U Invisible


The preview of OBEM grading result displays on ModLink



The preview of OBEM status on LEB2 before the result gets published through AVATAR



The preview of OBEM status on LEB2 after the result has been published through AVATAR

The student will be able to see their OBEM grading result right away via ModLink application after it has been published. No need the approval from the head of department. In case they do not pass the OBEM in this semester, their name will be automatically updated to Buffer Class in the next semester, no need to enroll. 

The visibility of status and grading result of the Course (OBEMs to Courses) on each system

Avatar LEB2 ModLink NewACIS
Approved. Others Invisible I I
Not grading or not submitting to NewACIS Invisible display as "-" display as "-"
Already graded but pending approval on NewACIS Invisible display as "-" display as "-"
Approved. Between A - C Invisible A-C A-C

*In case some students see "F" result of the Course, it means their teacher has graded through Avatar and it's been approved. This is a special case. If you have received "F", we recommend you to discuss with your teacher personally.  

The grade checking for parents: student and their parents can see the result as it shown on NewACIS

For more details about OBEM and Avatar please contact via Microsoft Teams

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