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Making your attendance checking faster than usual with LEB2! You can check students' attendance in 2 ways which are checking one by one manually and creating an attendance code.

Who can create an attendance code?

By default, the following roles can create an attendance code:

  • Owner and teacher

How to create attendance code

  • Checking one by one manually 
  1. Select Attendance date you want to check
  2. Mark a student's status by clicking on the table
  • Create an Attendance code
  1. Select Attendance date you want to create code
  2. Click Create attendance code
  3. Click Create
  4. Mark a checkbox to define student's status 
  5. Set Time
  6. Set Expired time 
  7. Select the type of code which is letters code, QR code, or both of them. 
  8. Click Save
  9. Capture the picture of letters code or QR code you created for the attendance


  1. Don't forget to define student's status. If you forget it, students can check-in as on-time all time.
  2. The created QR code and letters code must be used only once for the class which you created those codes. They won't be available to use in other classes and sections.


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