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The group assessment activity is an activity created for students to work together as a team. It involves group work, and when assessing the work, everyone in the group receives the same score. Individual scores cannot be separated.

Which role can create a group assessment activity?

  • Teaching team

How to create a group assessment activity

      1. Go to feature Assessment Activity

      2. Click New Activity 

      3. Fill up your information for title and description.

      4. Click 2020-05-14_1544.png to attach and upload your attachment (optional)

      5. Set a publish date for this activity

      6. Set a due date for limitation of this activity

      7. Select Group to create a group activity

      8. Select Advanced Settings (optional)

    • Click Important to show this assessment is important
    • Click Assess by Multiple Teachers to assess by multiple teachers or all teachers, so the score is averaged by multiple teachers
    • Click Self-assessment required so students have to assess by themselves before.

      9. Click Create to save changes

After creating a group assessment activity, you need to manage a group properly as follow below:

      1. Go to the group activity that you have created

      2. Click Group on the left side in a page of description

      3. Go to Manage group on your right side

      4. Choose how you want to create a group

    • Create New Group
    • Reuse
    • Random   

     5. Select 'who can edit group?' at Manage Group

  • Teaching Team Only
  • All member (Students can create group themselves)


  • The system defaults publish date as the current date. If you don't set publish date, an assessment cannot be created.
  • The created date won't be visible. Only published and due date will be referring to the setting.

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