How to Join LEB2 Live

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Microsoft Teams is used for supporting online learning on LEB2 through feature Live. To make it easily, we recommend you sign in Microsoft Teams on LEB2. 

How to join an online classroom on LEB2 

On Browser

  1. Log in on LEB2
  2. Select the class
  3. Click 'WATCH LIVE'
  4. The window of Microsoft Teams will appear, click 'Open Microsoft Teams


  5. The window will show and require you to sign in to Microsoft Teams . Fill out your KMUTT e-mail ( and password


  6. The Meeting Now will show up
  7. Click 'Join Now' to access the online classroom


On Mobile Devices

  1. Log in on LEB2
  2. Select a class and go to feature Live
  3. Click Watch Live
  4. You will be asked to install Microsoft Teams on your device before joining a meeting  


  5. After finish installation, click Sign in and Join     ms_mobile_guest.png
  7. Enter the university e-mail, then click Sign in



Note: For more effective use, we recommend students to sign in to Microsoft Teams every time. They can click 'Sign in' at the bottom of the page then sign in with the university e-mail.

  Having a trouble with using Microsoft Teams?

If you find any trouble with using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, please contact ICT Service directly. Click here: ICT Service Desk - MS Teams and Zoom (Open Microsoft Teams and sign in with

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