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If you would like to know the score of all students or in individual, you can check the score here. Furthermore, LEB2 can show you the top 5 students who need help so you will be more effective in helping them.

Who can see Summary and Response?

  • All members of the teaching team 

Overall of Online Quiz 

1. In Summary section, if you have aligned the online quiz with Learning Outcome, the graph will be processed and shown here. 

  • Select Max / Mean / Min / Median / Mode to check students in each level for all answers correctly 
  • Select Max / Mean / Min / Median / Mode to check students in each level for some answer correctly 
  • Overall summary of responses; Average response time, Submission Responses (submit / not submit), Answer stats and Top 5 need help

2. In Response section, the information shown here is by individual. You will get to see;

  • Student ID
  • Student's name
  • Score that students get the correct answer. If some students didn't submit the quiz, the information here will shown "Not submitted"
  • Start quiz time
  • Spent time
  • The answer in each item


  1. If the instructor wants to export the file to view the results, they can go to the Responses page, select "...", and then click "Download result of Quiz".

  2. On the Summary page, when the instructor selects to process the graph in Mode:

    • The LO graph will display the level with the highest frequency.

    • If there is more than one level with the same highest frequency, the system will display the higher level.




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