How to evaluate Short Answer quiz on LEB2?

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Short Answer quiz is the recent feature updated on LEB2. Now that the teachers can create a written examination there. To support the unlimited ideas of the students, the feature has no limitation on the length of the answer.

Who can evaluate Short Answer quiz?

  • All member in the teaching team

How to set an online quiz?

  • It can be set as the same way as other quiz types. See how to here >> Quiz setting

How to evaluate Short Answer quiz?

1. Go to Assessment Activity
2. Select the quiz
3. Go to Summary where It shows all responses from the students


4. Go to the question and click View responses 


  • Note: All responses from the students will be shown here. The teachers cannot tell which students they are evaluating. If they would like to check individually, check at Response page.

5. Evaluate each of the students' responses. If the answer is right, mark it as correct (). If the answer is wrong, mark it as incorrect (x). After that, click Save

view all response new.png


  • The teachers must evaluate all responses manually because LEB2 has not yet supported putting keyword correction autonomically. If the answer is correct, the students will get a full score. However, if the answer is incorrect, the students will get 0 only. 
  • The total result of the evaluation will be shown in each question number so that the teachers can figure how many correct and incorrect answers there are for each. 


Notice If there are many types of quizzes in one examination, make sure you evaluate ALL responses. Because for the short answer quiz, you must check the responses manually. If the responses have not been checked completely, the score will not be shown and the students will not be able to see it after submitting the answers or the due date. 


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