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If you want to create a quiz for assessment activity, there is a feature that will help you to create various questions. You can follow the steps below.


Who can create an online quiz?

By default, the following roles can create, edit, and delete a quiz:

  • Class owner and teacher

Create a quiz in the feature Assessment activity

  1. Go to Assessment activity
  2. Click New Quiz
  3. Set a Title
  4. Fill out Description of the quiz
  5. For attachments, click icon_leb2_bible-29.jpg (In case you have other files like a video clip that is related to your questions)
  6. Set Schedule a publish date  (Students will see the quiz only on publish date)
  7. Set Due date (Students won't be able to access or do the quiz when it's on due date)
  8. Fill out Used in week numbers (optional)
  9. Select Go to quiz detail page after created
  10. Click Create
  11. Click Add to create your questions

Note If you don't set schedule a publish date and due date, the online quiz cannot be created.

Edit and Delete a quiz

  1. Go to feature Assessment activity
  2. Find the quiz you want to edit or delete
  3. Clickicon_leb2_bible-67.jpg
  4. Select Edit or Delete


  • If you wish to edit the quiz which is already received the response from students, this action cannot be done.
  • The created date won't be visible. Only published and due date will be referring to the setting.

Create a quiz in feature Plan

  1. Go to feature Plan
  2. Click New in the Assessment activity 
  3. Select Quiz

Note: If you would like to create a quiz and match with a learning outcome, you should create a quiz in feature Plan.

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