All necessary information to inform us when you found the problem on LEB2!

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All problems while using LEB2 can be solved! If you have trouble with using LEB2 such as submission, taking a quiz, attendance checking, etc., LEB2 team is here to support you! Contact us and inform this information as listed below for quick checking. 

  1. Student ID
  2. Class and Section, For example, EMT371 Sec1
  3. Activity that has a problem, For example, Lab3, Quiz
  4. Inform a problem found, For example, You submitted homework on the system but they were shown as Not submitted, You took a quiz but the score wasn't shown or You submitted homework on-time but the system was shown as Late
  5. Additional information, For example, Individual or group work, Browser that has used, Capture the screen to save evidence, The device that has used



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