Q&A Session of LEB2 Training for Beginner 13th

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This article is written for gathering questions that were asked by the participants of LEB2 Training for Beginner 11th which was held on Tuesday 6th, 2022.

Online quiz

Q: If the student has already started a quiz but close the window, is it possible to get back to the quiz and continue it? and will some questions which are answered be saved?
A: Yes, it is unless the time limit or due date is still remaining. The student can resume quiz to continue doing the quiz. The system will save their previous responses automatically so they don't have to redo the whole quiz.

Support & Help

Q: If the teacher wants to create OBEM classroom on LEB2, how can they do?
A: They can contact EDS to design each module of the course and define the learning outcome for each as OBEM classroom. Or contact LEB2 support team to help with coordination. 

Q: Can the teacher switch to student site for a preview?
A: Unfortunately, they can't. The system isn't support the student preview on the teacher's site yet. However, they can contact LEB2 support team to help check the preview or add other teachers as an observer student role.


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