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After a teacher has made a score announcement on LEB2, you are probably wondering where to see it. We introduce you to a feature called, Score Book. In this article, we are showing and describing to you how this feature functions.

Where is Score Book?

After logging in to LEB2, on your left side on the window will show the menu list. Scroll down to Score Book.

What is shown in Score Book?

All assessment activities in the class will be shown here. The scores you received, Maximum Score, Minimum Score, and Mean Score of the class will be presented here as well.


What do statuses presented in Scores Received mean?

In the Score Received column, you can see 3 different statuses. 

  • Your score is hidden means the teacher hasn't announced the score yet.
  • Review Pending means the teacher is reviewing your assignment or your assignment is awaiting the review.
  • Self-Assessment Pending means assessing yourself first is required by the teacher before accessing to the score. 

Where to view the feedback?

Students can click 'View Feedback' to see the detail of the assessment. If the teacher has left a comment to your assignment, you will be able to see it and you also can respond to their comment.

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