How to submit your examination file on time with no worries

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  1. Read an instruction and criteria clearly before start doing the exam

  2. Review an accuracy of the file before submission

  3. Spare time for submission before the due date

    👉To decrease the loading time of information on LEB2
    👉The timestamp is solely based on a server on a system.
    👉For those who completely finish the assignment, submit it immediately!

Tips note

  • The assessment activity is able to access vis Syllabus. It will be accessible once it reaches the publish date. The student can find it on the tentative schedule. This saves more time than accessing directly via Assessment Activity feature.
  • If the student have a trouble submitting their file, click Live Chat  live_chat.png to seek LEB2 support team assistance. We will hep send the file and update the submission time referring to the chat. 

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