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Currently, The person who can access the system is the only person with an Internet Account of  King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), you can contact the Computer Center to request internet service, whether it is activation, renewal, or checking own Internet account rights

The class members can be seen in feature "Member" which is on the left side in the menu bar. There are 3 types of members in the class as shown below:



When you registered through the New ACIS system after 1 hour the student's list will be automatically updated in the classroom on LEB2,  so you only see and reach the classroom that has been published.

Teaching Team

  • Owner - The person who can import the class from the New Acis teaching schedule data into LEB2 by themselves. It can be said that the owner is the first member of the class and they is the only one who can be set up the classroom and add or remove member.
  • Teacher - The person who has the same permission as the class owner but cannot delete class. They can add or remove member in the class.


If the teacher wants to create a new class without the New Acis teaching schedule data, please contact LEB2 support team.


They can only view the class but cannot create or do any activities. The observer can be either student or teacher or both. It depends on what role they are set by the class owner. Academic staff and teacher who don't teach but want to observe in the classroom can contact LEB2 team to add them as an observer in the class.

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