How to Import Course Information to LEB2

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KMUTT Learning Environment B2 (LEB2) has already prepared LEB2 platform for a new semester. Teachers are required to check for the accuracy of a course's information before it will be imported through the platform. For the completion of teaching management, we need you to follow the steps below.  

1. Check for the accuracy of course information that is available for the new semester

  • Class ID
  • No. of Section
  • Teacher's name

2. After checking, submit the information through NewACIS system in order that the students can enroll in the course through the system

3. Course descriptions, teachers' names, and students' names that have been submitted through NewACIS system will be imported to LEB2 automatically

4. Teachers log in to LEB2 to import and publish class

5. After the class has been imported and published, the students will be able to log in and see the class. If the students cannot see the class, contact LEB2 Support for further investigation

Remark Please check whether your contract is still valid. If it doesn't get extended, your right of accessing the Internet Account will no longer available the next day and it will also affect your LEB2 account.

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