What is LEB2

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LEB2 is an education platform for online learning and teaching that was created under the Outcome-Based Education concept which tremendously emphasizes learners' outcomes and makes sure the learners are proficient. Also, the assessment which is provided through the platform is avoiding Time-based examination that is only used for evaluating learners' competency in a short and fixed period. But the platform supports the assessment through the learners' interaction and learning experience. 

The development team supports teachers for assessing the learners by expanding the opportunity in accessing learning sources any time and anywhere equally and providing an area for the learners to be able to perform their proficiency. 

Learners can know what they will get after completing the course. For the Instructor to be able to identify doing at each level and learning expectation. This includes the criteria for assessing activities or assignments as well as being agreed and accepted between the instructor and the learner from the beginning. And can also track learning outcomes throughout the duration of the course.

LEB2 is created and developed by Education Technology Development and Integration Support (ETS) of King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

LEB2 main features recommendation

  • Dashboard – shown overall progress of Learning Outcomes entire the semester
  • Plan – for designing the course 
  • Syllabus – shown a general information of syllabus in the semester including Learning Outcomes of the course, activity schedule, and teaching team.
  • Assessment activity – for creating assignment and quiz
  • Learning activity – for adding further learning sources to support student's learning
  • Learn It – for creating an online lesson 

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