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Welcome to a new semester. One thing that every teacher must put in a lot of energy is to design a lesson plan This is an important point. And we're here to support tools for creating a classroom that focuses on learning outcomes. The team is ready to provide the necessary information and take the best care throughout the use.

What is LEB2

LEB2 is an education platform for online learning and teaching that was created under the Outcome-Based Education concept which tremendously emphasizes learners' outcomes and makes sure the learners are proficient. Also, the assessment which is provided through the platform is avoiding Time-based examination that is only used for evaluating learners' competency in a short and fixed period. But the platform supports the assessment through the learners' interaction and learning experience.

The development team supports teachers in assessing the learners by expanding the opportunity in accessing learning sources any time and anywhere equally and providing an area for the learners to be able to perform their proficiency.

Learners can know what they will get after completing the course. For the Instructor to be able to identify doing at each level and learning expectation. This includes the criteria for assessing activities or assignments as well as being agreed and accepted between the instructor and the learner from the beginning. And can also track learning outcomes throughout the duration of the course.

Can't sign into LEB2
If you cannot log in to LEB2, You can look through either your account or device by yourself as these steps as below: 
1. Cannot log in to LEB2. Go to Examining whether your device is connected to a proxy server
2. Cannot log in after filling in username and password. Go to LEB2 Account
Trick and Tips
Remark: If you still cannot log in to LEB2, you can contact us via Live chat or Facebook Kmutt Learning environment immediately.
Feature Updates
There are also features that have been developed to respond to more efficient use as follows.
If you log in and you're ready! to design lesson plans under the triangle of effective learning is to define objective and course Learning Outcomes, Assessment Method as well as create activity and instructional strategies. you can learn how to use all features on LEB2 here!

  Teacher's Survival Guide by ETS KMUTT

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