Clear Assessment Result

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If teachers want to cancel the result of the assessment they have already assessed, they can now 'clear' it. Note that once it is cleared, the result will be changed to review pending. 

How to clear Assessment Result

  1. Select the assessment activity
  2. Search the name of students whom you want to reset the learning outcomes
  3. Click "Assess" to open the assessment page


  4. Click the green button to expand the criteria 


  5. Click "clear" to cancel the result of the assessment


  6. Make a confirmation 


  7. Once it is confirmed, the result will be cleared. Teachers can start assessing the learning outcomes again.


For OBEM classroom & Buffer Class, the assessment result will be automatically delivered to Avatar right away. If it is cleared after, teachers have to manually edit the result on Avatar because it won't be updated accordingly. Contact LEB2 support if you need assistance.

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