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Managing reviewers is to define teachers to assess students assignments. If you want to manage reviewers, you can easily do it by following the steps as below.

Who can manage reviewers?

By default, the following role can manage reviewers: 

  • Class owner and teacher 

How to manage reviewers:

  1. Go to Assessment activity
  2. Click Manage reviewer (It's under criteria)
  3. Click Add Reviewer is to define teachers to assess each student
  4. Select a teacher to be a reviewer. Multiple teachers to selected and assigned as a reviewer to assess students' assignments 

Note: If you select 'Assess by multiple teachers', it means students' assignments will be assessed by all assigned reviewers, and the score will be appear as an average. If some reviewer hasn't assessed the assignments yet, the system will show pending status and students are unable to see their score until every reviewer finish the assessment.






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