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Scorebook is a feature that will help you to manage the score of students in the class. You can check the score in 2 ways which are summarized by activity and summarized by students. Furthermore, you can set an assessment weighting, attendance score or import and export score on this feature

Who can manage the summarized score?

By default, the following role can manage the summarized score: 

  • Owner and teacher 

Summarized by activity is the summary of the score in each activity. The table will show the information as followings;

  1. Activity's name
  2. Due date of each activity
  3. The score as Max/ Min/ Mean in each activity

Summarized by student is the summary of the score of each student. The table will show the information as followings;

  1. List of students in the class
  2. Submission status of each student
  3. The score in each activity

How to set Assessment Weighting:

  1. Click "..."
  2. Select "Assessment Weighting"
  3. Define Assessment Weighting by each activity, the total percentage of assessment weighting is 100%
  4. Click "Save"

How to set Attendance score:

  1. Click "..."
  2. Select "Attendance"
  3. Define the score for each attendance status, 
  4. Click "Save"

How to Import the score:

  1. Click "..."
  2. Select "Import score"
  3. Select "Download score template" to fill up the score on the template > "Save"
  4. Select "Choose files"
  5. Choose the file score template that you fill up information

Note: You can export an excel file by clicking "Export" button. The file contains the list of all students in the class, the submission status and individual score. However, if you haven't created any assessment activity, but want to export the file. We'd recommend you to click '...' besides Export button and then select 'Import Score' so that you will get the file contains students' names and ID.

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