How to Create Learning Activity

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Learning Activity is the teaching and learning methods which the teachers use for enhancing learners to achieve a learning outcome. It can be anything like a field trip, video clips, or related documents for your students. 

Who can create Learning activity?

  • Teaching team

How to create a Learning activity?

  1. Go to feature Learning Activity
  2. Click New Learning Activity
  3. Define your activity title
  4. Schedule publish date and end date
  5. Schedule used in week session (if any)
  6. Click 2020-05-14_1544.png to upload your attachment or insert a link from external source by clicking icon insert_link.png and fill out;
    Text to display to name the link
    Title to name the link when you point the mouse at
    Target to define which window you want the link to display (new or old tab)

    new la.png

  7. After complete all the information, click Create


  • If you wish to align learning activity with learning outcome, create or import it through feature Plan.
  • If you don't schedule end date, students will be able to access the learning activity at any time.
  • The created date won't be visible. Only published and end date will be referring to the setting. 


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