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In the Assessment Activity feature, it will display a list of all assessment activities that have been created in the classroom, whether they were created through the Plan feature or the Assessment Activity feature. They will be shown on the "Assessment Activity List" page.

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What does the Assessment Activity List include?

On the Assessment Activity List page, you will find the following information:

  • Title - The topic of assessment activity
  • Publish Date - Start date and time of the activity
  • Due Date - Due date and time for submitting the activity, and students can still view and submit it even after the due date has passed.
  • Group/ Individual - Specify activity whether it is a group or individual work.
  • Not submitted - umber of students who haven't submitted the assignment
  • Assessment activity/ Quiz - Activity type
  • Review Pending - Number of students awaiting assessment
  • Assess button - Click this button to go to the assessment page, where you will be taken to the first student's name in the list.
  • Manage Reviewer button -This button appears when the activity has more than one reviewer and hasn't been assigned reviewers yet.
  • Star icon - Indicates the importance level of the activity, which can be set when creating the activity.




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