Create An Individual Assessment Activity

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Individual Assessment Activity is the activity that the teachers use for evaluating students to achieve a learning outcome. It can be anything like homework for your students. 

Which role can create an individual assessment activity?

  • Teaching team

How to create an individual assessment activity?

  1. Go to feature Assessment activity
  2. Click New activity
  3. Fill up information for title and description (if any)
  4. Click 2020-05-14_1544.png to attach and upload your attachment (if any)
  5. Set a publish date for this activity

  6. Set a due date for limitation of this activity

  7. Select Individual to create an  individual activity

  8. Select Advanced Settings (optional)

    • Click Important to show this assessment is important
    • Click Average score from assigned reviewers then tick Assign all reviewers to assess by multiple teachers or all teachers, so the score is averaged by them.
    • Click Self-assessment required so students have to assess by themselves before.

     9. Click Create to save changes


  • The system defaults publish date as the current date. If you don't set publish date, an assessment cannot be created.
  • The created date won't be visible. Only published and due date will be referring to the setting.
  • If students have submitted their work, the edition and deletion are not allowed. 





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