Criteria of Assessment Activity

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If you need more criteria apart from one that comes with learning outcomes, you can easily create new criteria by yourself. So you can follow the steps as details below;

Who can create criteria?

By default, the following roles can create criteria:

  • Owner and teacher

How to create criteria

  1. Go to your "Assessment Activity"
  2. Click "New" above the criteria
  3. Click "Edit"
  4. Define the score and description of each level
  5. Define Expectation that what's level is to pass
  6. Mark at "Calculate Score" to calculate the score or unmark at checkbox if you don't want to calculate the score.
  7. Click "Save"


1. If teachers assess the students' assignments by manual and want to import the file to announce score on LEB2, we recommend you to create an activity and enough criteria before exporting the file for use. It is better if you have created enough criteria, you can import the file back to LEB2 after complete the assessment. The system will be proceeded the correct score for announcement. 

2. If teachers want to align the activity with Learning Outcome, go to feature Plan, select Learning Outcome you want tp align the activity with, then Import the activity.





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