Assessment Settings and Assessment Rubrics

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This section illustrates all activities that you have created in the assessment activity feature. You can set up your activity's setting, add/edit criteria, announce the score, hide score, or assess the learners' assignment. 

Who can set assessment and rubrics?

  • Class owner and the teacher

Assessment Setting

  1. Go to Assessment activity 

  2. Select the activity that you want to edit

  3. Click2020-05-14_1321.png to edit the information of the activity

  4. Click Save to make the changes

Announce and Hide Score

  1. Click Announce score if you want to let the students see the score.

  2. Click Hide score if you don't want the students to see the score. 

Assess submission

 1. Click Assess to assess students' submission

 2. The assessment page is open

3. Assess by criteria

Add and Edit Criteria

You can add and edit the criteria which are additional learning outcomes and score in each criterion. Be noted that the learning outcome that is imported from the NewAcis cannot be deleted and edited. Only giving a definitional of each level can be done. 

Edit criteria 

There are simple steps to edit criteria as follow below:

 1. Click Edit to revise the criteria

 2. Revise your information

 3. Click Save to save changes

Add criteria

If you want to add more criteria, follow these steps:

 1. Click New to create a new criterion

 2. Go fill information and score

 3. Define the expected score for that criterion

 4. Click Save to confirm changes

Import Criteria 

 1. Click Import 

 2. Go to the activity that you want to import

 3. Select the criteria


If you merely want to track the students' learning outcome without a score, tick Calculate score out of the box. 

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