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Teachers can import assessment criteria from the learning outcomes of previously created assessment activities in the classroom.

Which role can import criteria?

  • Teaching team

How to import criteria

  1. Select Assessment Activity
  2. On Activity detail page, click "Import" above the criteria table
  3. Click drop down in front of Assessment Activity you want to import its criteria 
  4. Mark at the criteria you want to import
  5. Click "Save"

What can be edited in the self-created assessment criteria

  • Scores for each level
  • Descriptions of expectations for each level
  • Setting the expected level


  • If you do not want to calculate scores, you can remove the checkmark in the scoring box.
  • For assessment criteria derived from Course Learning Outcomes specified by the curriculum, you cannot edit or delete descriptions. In such cases, instructors can only set descriptions for each level of expectation.

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