The Overall of Creating Assessment Activity

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Assessment activity is a teaching method that encourages students’ learning to achieve Learning Outcomes. Use effective activities to assess and develop your students' performance.


Who can create an assessment activity?
By default, the following role can create an assessment activity:

  • Class owner and teacher 

How to create Assessment Activity:

  • Create in feature Assessment Activity
  1. Go to feature Assessment Activity
  2. Click New activity
  3. Fill up the information about your assessment activity
  4. Click Create 
  • Create in feature Plan
  1. Go to feature Plan
  2. Click New to create an activity
  3. Choose Assessment activity
  4. Fill up more information about your assessment activity
  5. Click Create


  • Any activity which is located on the 'Plan' will be tracked with a learning outcome. 
  • The system defaults publish date as the current date. If you don't set publish date, an assessment cannot be created.
  • The created date won't be visible. Only published and due date will be referring to the setting.

Import activity to link with learning outcome

If you have already created the activity, you can import activity to be tracked with the learning outcome, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to feature Plan and find which learning outcome you want to link
  2. Click Import in Assessment Activity
  3. Choose the activity that you want to import.
  4. Click Add to link activity to learning outcome

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