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Teachers may face an issue with managing a classroom with more than one section. In this article, we will introduce you 2 ways to use for a class setting. 

Bind Live Room

It is a way to manage a classroom with many sections by using only one link to access Live Room without combining a classroom on LEB2. The students will still be in their classroom which they have enrolled in each section. 


  • Easy to download the student's homework/assignments, check, and announce the score. Because there are not too many students in each section.
  • Not casing confusion in downloading student's homework/assignments. Because the teachers will know which section they are assessing student's works since they are in a different section.  


  • The date and time that are set in the link will be fixed. They cannot be changed nor used on another date and time. 
  • All messages in the live room can be seen by every student from another section. 
  • Teachers cannot set up for binding a live room by themselves. They need to contact LEB2 to manage it for them.

Combine a classroom

It is another way to manage the classroom with many sections by combining them into one classroom on LEB2. A new classroom is needed and importing students from another section to it. Then, students will be able to access a Live Room in a newly created class according to their schedule.


  • Use only one Live Room to access for starting teaching and students can access the link according to their schedule. 


  • When downloading students' homework/assignments, the system will not indicate the section where the students are in for you. You need to memorize which section they are in then after complete the assessment, import their work back to LEB2 and announce the score to them correctly.  This can easily confuse you due to the number of students in one classroom.


  • The teacher can't create a new classroom by themselves. They need to contact LEB2 support to manage it for them.
  • Combining a classroom is not a good choice and is not recommended because it causes more issues in managing the classroom. Binding a Live Room is recommended for this case to avoid trouble. 

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