Microsoft Teams Basic Settings for Teachers

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Microsoft Teams is used for supporting online learning on LEB2 through feature Live. The students can join the meeting room just by clicking WATCH LIVE. This article is shown you basic settings on Microsoft Teams which you should know before starting teaching.

General Information about Microsoft Teams

Teachers can be able to use  Microsoft Teams which is provided the university for free of charge. You must sign in with the university's e-mail for accessing Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams which is bought by the university is in the Office 365 A3 plan so its capacity is available for meetings that contain up to 700 participants (the participants are allowed to turn on both camera and microphone). For Webinar and Live Event, participants can join up to 10,000 people but they will not be able to turn on both camera and microphone.

How to create a live room on LEB2

  1. Log in on LEB2
  2. Select a class
  3. Go to Create LIVE Room


  4. Log in to Microsoft Office 365 with the university e-mail
  5. The online class will be created immediately, the menu bar on the left will appear Live Now 
    Always allow pop-ups and redirects from LEB2. If you don't allow, you won't be able to open Microsoft Teams through LEB2


  6. Click Live Now, a new window will appear. Click 'Open Microsoft Teams


  7. You are in Microsoft Teams, Click Join now to join the meeting


  8. Set basic settings. Click '...' and select 'Meeting options


Note: Organizer and presenter can remove other people out of the meeting. However, the person who is removed still can rejoin the meeting.

Participants Setting

Who can set participants on Microsoft Teams?

  • Organizer, the first person who creates a live room

How to

  1. Go to Meeting options   
  2. Who can bypass the lobby? Select:
    Everyone is to allow everyone access to the meeting link gets into the meeting directly, no need to wait for specific approval. *recommended if you don't have external guest to join the meeting room*
    People in my organization and trusted organizations is to allow people in the same organization and external participants from trusted organizations. However, some external people needs to wait for approval. *recommended if you have an external guest*
    People in my organization is to allow people in the same organization to join the meeting directly.
    People I invite is to allow anyone who receives the invitation can join the meeting directly.
    Only me is to allow only you can get into your meeting.


  3. Who can present? Select:
    Everyone is to allow every attendee who accesses to the meeting link will join the meeting as a presenter.
    People in my organization and guests is to allow attendees in the same organization and guest users can be presenters.
    Specific people is to allow only a assigned attendee to be a presenter.
    Only me is allow only a meeting organizer to be a presenter. 


  4. Allow meeting chat? Select:
    Enable if you want a meeting chat accessible. 
    Disable if you want a meeting chat inaccessible.
    In-meeting only if you want a meeting chat accessible only when the meeting is online.


Recording a video for use Setting 

Who can record a video on Microsoft Teams?

  • Organizer, the first person who creates a live room
  • A presenter who is given the rights by the organizer (see participants setting)

How to

  1. Go to Meeting options 
  2. Select Start recording 


  3. If you want to stop recording, go to 'Meeting options' and select Stop recording
  4. The video will be saved automatically and will appear in Meeting Chat 


  5. If you want to share a recorded video, there are 2 ways you can do;
    1) Click '...' and select Get link. A new window will appear. You can copy the link and send it to others


    2) Click '...' on the video and select Open in OneDrive. You will asked to sign in to OneDrive, enter the university e-mail. After that, you will find the recorded video there. Click Share and select Anyone with the link then click Apply to allow everyone to access the video


Note: Organizer and a specific people who is given the rights by the organizer, are the person who can start/stop recording, download, and share the recorded video.

  Having a trouble with using Microsoft Teams?

If you find any trouble with using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, please contact ICT Service directly. Click here: ICT Service Desk - MS Teams and Zoom (Open Microsoft Teams and sign in with

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