Tentative Schedule Setting

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Tentative schedule is used to indicate the week of each activity that is set for the class. Teachers must complete information of the activities on Assessment Activity and Learning Activity so that they will be displayed to tentative schedule which can be found on feature Syllabus.

How to set a Tentative Schedule step by step

  1. Log in on LEB2
  2. Select a classroom on LEB2
  3. Go to Assessment Activity and/or Learning Activity
  4. Fill in the information 
  5. Indicate the week you want to use this schedule in section; Used in Session Numbers


  6. Click Create
  7. Go to Syllabus 
  8. Scroll down to Tentative schedule, the information of activities that created will appear here
  9. Click Setting to set visibility of the activities; 
    If you want students to see all activities in the schedule, select Display All Activities 
    If you want students to see all activities only when it comes to their publish date, select Display According to Publish Date  


  10. Click Save

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