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The syllabus is a document about the general information about your class which consists of learning outcomes, schedule, teaching team, prerequisites, assessment weighting, and further information about the classroom. The teacher can revise and print it anytime. 

Who can manage a syllabus?

By default, the following roles can manage general information in the syllabus:

  • Owner and teacher 

The component of the syllabus

1. General Information

  • Course Description: to indicate class ID, section number, the semester, the course's name in Thai and English, and description of the course.
  • Learning Outcomes: to show the learning outcomes of this course. There are both fixed learning outcomes and additional learning outcomes that teachers have added.
  • Prerequisites: to inform students if there is any class they need to complete before enrolling in this class. 
  • Schedule: to show the date, time, and location of the class.

2. Teaching Team: all members of a teaching team will be displayed to this part to illustrate to the students. They can be full or partly displayed according to the setting.

3. Tentative schedule: to indicate the week of each activity that is set for the class. Teachers must complete information of the activities on Assessment Activity and Learning Activity so that they will be displayed to the tentative schedule.

Note: Both the teaching team and students are able to see this page at the same view.

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