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Normally, if there is a register, withdrawal, additional teachers, or people involved in teaching. You can add or remove members from the LEB2 system at all times

LEB2 - Add & Remove Member from KMUTT ETS on Vimeo.

Who can add or remove members?

By default, the following roles can add and remove members:

  • Owner and teacher

Add members

  • Add Students/ Teaching team/Observers
  1. Select Students, Teaching or Observer
  2. Click Add 
  3. If you want to add an observer, you have to select observer mode first (either teacher or student mode)
  4. Click________.png 
  5. Search student or teacher by search their username, name, ID number, or department
  6. Click Add

Note: Late enrollment which is pending approval by the Head of Department (in which students don't enroll through New ACIS system) causes unavailability in joining the classroom on LEB2. However, the teachers can decide whether if the students should be added to the class while waiting for approval (if they have enrollment evidence). If so, the teachers can manage class members by themselves.

  • Changing role of the Student to Student Observer
  1. Select "Student"
  2. Click gear.png 
  3. Select the role "Student Observer"
  •  The difference of roles in the Teaching team
  1. A Class owner is the creator of the class, so you can do everything in the class.
  2. A teacher has the same rights as the owner but can't delete the class.

Remove members

  1. Clickgear.png 
  2. Select Remove

Note: An observer can only observe the class. They can't do anything in your class.

Tip: If you would like to import students for all classes, consider Import student.

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