Assessment weighting, About classroom and Comments

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The syllabus is a document about the general information about your class which consists of learning outcomes, schedule, teaching team, prerequisites, assessment weighting, and further information about the classroom. The teacher can revise and print it anytime. 

Who can manage Assessment weighting, About classroom, and Comments?

By default, the following role can manage Assessment weighting, About classroom, and Comments: 

  • Owner and teacher for managing Assessment weighting and About classroom
  • All members except observer for Comments

Assessment weighting

Assessment weighting is a criterion to assess the learners in the form of a percentage. You can weight the score in each activity and show up to students. There are some steps as follow:

  1. Click icon_leb2_bible-67.jpgto add your weighting

  2. Define the percentage of the activity (The total score must be in 100%)

  3. Click Save to save your information

About classroom

About classroom is probably an instruction in your class. This might be further information that you want to inform students. For example, grooming in class.

  1. Click icon_leb2_bible-67.jpg

  2. Click Add to add a topic of the additional class information

  3. Click Add again

  4. If you want to display only some topic just click Display and select the topic you want then save


The students are able to comment on your syllabus as anonymous to share their opinion about anything in the syllabus includes attach any file. 

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