Create an Announcement via Syllabus Feature

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The teachers can create announcements to provide important information to students in the classroom or schedule a teaching appointment via the Syllabus feature, which allows you to create/edit/delete announcement as well as sending an email to your students through it by yourself. And we recommend to clear cache to ensure that you can use the latest  updates smoothly!  

✒️ Steps to create an announcement 

  1. Go to Syllabus Feature
  2. Click "Create an announcement"


  3. Fill up information to create an announcement
  4. Click "Save"



💡Note : If you need to attach the link to announcements, please press the space bar or Enter after each link. Otherwise, students will not be able to access the attached link.

✒️ Steps to edit an announcement 

  1. Click ... icon
  2. Select "Edit"


  3. Edit information in the content box.
  4. Click "Save"



✒️Steps to delete an announcement 

  1. Click ... icon
  2. Select "Delete"


  3. The display will pop up to delete an announcement and then click "Delete" 


  4. When you have already deleted an announcement, the system will default to showing the "Create an announcement" button again. 


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