Q&A Session of LEB2 Training for Beginner 11th

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This article is written for gathering questions that were asked by the participants of LEB2 Training for Beginner 11th which was held on Friday 17th, 2021. 

    1. Q: What is the capacity of LEB2 for submission? (Support & Help)
      A: Basically, it is capable of supporting any amount of the submission. However, if there are some activities that require many submissions at once, you can inform the LEB2 team to prepare the server before the activities start.
    2. Q: Can I check the plagiarism on LEB2? (Support & Help)
      A: No, you cannot. LEB2 doesn't have the plagiarism checker function.
    3. Q: Can I scan a virus through LEB2 when I download the files from the platform? (Support & Help)
      A: No, you cannot. LEB2 doesn't have the anti-virus function.
    4. Q: Can I set the level to more than 5 scales? (Assessment Activity)
      A: No, you cannot. On LEB2, you can set the level of Learning Outcome or Criteria of the activities up to 5 levels or less.
    5. Q: If 2 criteria are set per assignment and each of them has the highest score as 15 so the total score is 30 for the assignment, can I give 20 as the total score by not completing all criterions? (Assessment Activity)
      A: No, you cannot. You must fill the score in every criterion you set per assignment. In this case, if you set 2 criteria, you must fill the score for 2 criteria and you cannot put 20 since each of them has the highest score as 15. 
    6. Q: After submitting the responses, are they completely saved? and after submitting the responses but the connection is lost, will the responses still be entirely saved? (Online Quiz)
      A: Yes, the responses of Online Quiz will be saved after students have responded and changed to the next question. In case, the connection is lost and they come back, they can click "Resume" to continue the quiz if the time has not expired. However, if the time has already expired before they can get back, they will see "Summary" instead of "Resume" and can check the recorded answers via "Score" tab.
    7. Q: Is the time still counting down if the students quit the quiz by mistake? (Online Quiz)
      A: Yes, after they click "Start a quiz" to see the quiz's details and then click "Let's take a quiz" to start doing the quiz, time will start counting down and even they close the browser, time will still be continue counting. If there is any inconvenient accidents occur during taking a quiz, we recommend students to inform their teacher immediately or contact LEB2 team for assistance right away. 
    8. Q: When the time is going up soon (10 seconds left) and students submit their answers in this period, will the answers saved?  (Online Quiz)
      A: Yes, all answers will be saved automatically if they can complete the quiz in time (they can click "Submit" only when all questions are completely answered). They will not be able to click "Submit" if all questions are not completely answered so the system will bring them to some questions that still don't have the answer. However, the system will auto submit their answers when time is up and only the answers they put will be saved and shown via "Summary". 
    9. Q: Can I extend the time limits for students while they are taking a quiz? (Online Quiz)
      A: Yes, you can. But it must be under the condition of Publish date and Due date period. Also, you must inform students to refresh their quiz page once you have changed the duration to update the time frame. 
    10. Q: Can quiz or assessment activity be created/edited by multiple users at the same time? (Online Quiz)
      A: Yes, they can be edited and created by multiple users at the same time. But you must clarify which parts that you and other users will do to avoid the repetition. After finish it, you can refresh to see the updates. 
    11. Q: Can I set the quiz to all students do it at the same time? (Online Quiz)
      A: Yes, you can. Just schedule the same Publish date and Due date. However, the duration before the Publish date, students will not be able to see the quiz. After the Due date, students will not be able to access it either. 
    12. Q: For Numeric quiz creation, if there are more than one corrected answers for example, 5, 5.01, and 4.99, can I set all corrected answers for one question?  (Online Quiz)
      A: Yes, you can. Go to design page and click "Add option" for the Numeric quiz. Moreover, you can add more corrected answers through "Summary" page while you are assessing the quiz. 


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