Q&A Session of LEB2 Training (Special for Electrical Engineering)

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This article is written for gathering questions that were asked by the participants of LEB2 Training for Electrical Engineering which was held on Tuesday 05th Apr, 2022.

Learning Outcome

  • Q: Can I edit Course Learning Outcome (CLO) or create a new Learning Outcome (LO) in this classroom? 
    A: No, The teacher cannot edit the CLO's title that is determined by the curriculum or deletes CLO. But you can edit description of level of CLO and create new Learning Outcomes to track with Assessment Activity or Quiz as well as CLO that comes from the curriculum. Also, the system will record all learning outcomes of students even if they are not aligned with the curriculum.
  • Q: Can I access the overall learning outcomes which are aligned with the activities? 
    A: Of course, You can see the overall activities that are aligned with the learning outcomes on the feature "Dashboard". Both the overall and individual learning outcomes have the bar and the line graph to explain the details
  • Q: Can I see PLO on LEB2? 
    No, you cannot. You can see only course learning outcome (CLO) via Dashboard feature.
    The information will be displayed as the activities aligned with the learning outcomes of the course yearly. You can view both overall learning outcomes and individual learning outcome.
Assessment Activity
  • Q: Does the activity on Assessment Activity has to collect the score in all activity? 
    A: It does not have to collect the score in all activities. If you merely want to track the students' learning outcome without a score, select calculate scores out of the box. 
  • Q: Can I upload files for students to submit assignments
    A: Yes, teachers can upload files or exams for students to submit assignments at the Assessment Activity. Students can attach files to submit their assignments or exam.
  • Q: If I'd like to download all submission files, How could I download which are not extracted files from zipping?
    You can download individual submission files on the individual assessment page.
  • Q: Can I leave a comment to give feedback to my students while I am assessing the files? 
    A: Yes, you can leave a comment or attach files to give feedback to your students on the individual assessment page and your students can leave a comment either.
  • Q: How can the students know that there is an activity after creation?
    The students can see the activity for submission on Assessment Activity feature. Or teachers can contact the LEB2 support team to manage the announcement or send emails to the students.
  • Q: If I want to announce the score without using LEB2 and align the score with the learning outcomes. Would it be possible? 
    Yes, you can create the activity for an announcement with the learning outcomes alignment to track students’ progression. You can create via two features which are Plan and Assessment Activity. After creating the activity on LEB2, there is a default criterion. If you require more than one criterion, you need to add more and complete it completely. Once you create the activity, you also can import scores on the Score book feature.
  • Q: Short answer feature in the Assessment Activity, is there any way to prevent fraud in the test?
    A: Teachers can assign different examinations to students by attaching different examination files via the comment button to individual students.
Online Quiz
  • Q: Can the Online Quiz feature generate quizzes randomly from the exam archives? 
    No, The LEB2 system is unable to automatically generate the exam for the students to do. Teachers will either have to create their quizzes in the same classroom or clone quiz to copy quizzes they've created into other classrooms or sections they want to reuse.
  • Q: If the teacher does not want to announce the scores of the Online quiz that the students have done, can they? 
    A: Yes, by setting the Quiz and removing the score mark.
  • Q: Can the Online Quiz feature autonomically evaluation?
    A: Yes, the system will check the answer automatically and show the summary and response of the Online Quiz.
  • Q: What is a Numeric quiz for an Online Quiz? 
    A: Numeric quiz that is created to provide numerical response options.
  • Q: To create a Numeric quiz, if there are multiple decimal correct answers nearby? How can I check? 
    A: Teachers can create Numeric questions by clicking Add option to add all correct answers on  Design page. They can also check the manual answers on a summary page if teachers determine that the answers are correct. Once checked, the answer will be automatically added as the correct answer.
  • Q: Is there a line limit for Short Answer quiz
    A: The letters and the length of answers are not limited. Students can write as long as they want.
  • Q: Can I create multiple choice question with more than one correct answer? 
    A: Yes, you can set the quiz for that question by click on "Multiple Selection" when the student chooses one of them correctly. (Students do not have to choose all correct answers) Students will receive a full score on that question. But if the teacher wants students to select all the correct answers to get a full score, click to select "Multiple Selection" >> "Perfect Match".
  • Q: Is it possible to attach files to create multiple choice question? 
    A: No, only images can be attached.
  • Q: How to set time limits for Publish date and Due date?
    A: We can specify the number of minutes that are put in time limits, which is calculated not more than the time set publish date and Due date. For example: if the teacher schedules publish date and Due date at 09:00 - 12:00 hrs. (3 hrs.), sets time limits at 180 minutes, you can. Because the time limit is not exceeded the due date.

Learning Activity
  •  Q: Can I create Online Quiz or activity to collect scores on the feature Learning Activity
    A: No, Learning Activity feature is for the activity that needs no submission, no score, or it could be anything that helps enhance learning for your students. The teacher can upload files like pictures, video clips, doc., pdf., ppt., or etc. 
Support & Help
  • Q: Is there any condition for users using LEB2?
    No, there is not. Officers in KMUTT can use LEB2. If you want to have private training, please feel free to contact the LEB2 support team.
  • Q: Does the LEB2 system have a blocked website or other applications while students are doing Online Quiz? 
    LEB2 does not have any blocked websites or other applications.
  • Q: Can I switch from teacher mode to student mode?
    No, you cannot. You can contact LEB2 to review the student mode or add another teacher to be as a student observer.
  • Q: Has there got a limitation on file size that can upload and delete the files that have been uploaded on LEB2? 
    There is no limitation on file size to upload (which is over 1 GB may take time to upload) and there isn't delete all files on LEB2.
  • Q: Can I grade (like OBEM grading through Avatar) on LEB2?  
    A: No, You can not grade on LEB2.
  • Q: If The students have withdrawn from courses, Will LEB2 update the data on the member list? 
    A: Now, we still cannot update the member list in real-time on LEB2. The system will be updated when the student registered through New Acis only. Anyway, You can reach us for checking the recent member list on LEB2.
  • Q: Has LEB2 got the application on mobile? 
    No, we still haven't got the application on mobile.
Learn It
  • Q: What is Learn It
    Learn It is a feature that allows teachers to upload online videos and attach materials to the students. Teachers can identify goal or align learning outcomes for each lesson that enables students to learn by themselves anywhere anytime.
Score Book
  • Q: Can the students see a score for others?
    No, the students can see only theirs.




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