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In the new semester, students have to enroll in some classroom which is called "OBEM". You are probably wondering what the OBEM classroom is and what it is used for. This article will explain this type of classroom for you to understand clearly.

How can you tell which classroom is OBEM?

OBEM stands for Outcome-Based Module which is so-called Modular-based Education. It focuses on only a specific competency and one learning outcome. On LEB2, you can distinguish between a normal classroom and OBEM classroom by the nametag. For OBEM class, there is a blue nametag that appeared obviously on the classroom to tell that this classroom is OBEM. 




What does each status on OBEM class mean?

The status which is shown in OBEM classroom can tell about each student's progress. It is individual progress that appears as 3 statuses.

  • Passed means students have been assessed by the teaching team and they pass the module in the current semester.
  • In Progress means students are currently studying the module in the current semester.
  • Expired means students have been assessed by the teaching team but they don't pass the module yet in the current semester. When it comes to a new semester, the OBEM class that students still don't pass in the previous semester will show in transparent appearance. But students can still enter the classroom.

How is the OBEM class differ from the normal one?

A new feature that appears only in OBEM class for students is "Dashboard". It is located on the top-left sidebar. The dashboard shows a Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) and its description of the module along with 5 levels of the CLO. In each level, it presents how many time students can do in each level, and also its description describes the levels.


If students cannot pass the module in the current semester, their names will be automatically updated to the Buffer Class in the next semester and need to enroll it again. 

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